Since 1996, Phoenix Paranormal Investigations have been dedicated and committed to the investigation, documentation and sometimes removal of paranormal phenomena across the U.K and Europe.


Unlike other groups in this field of research, we do not invite members of the public in ‘ghost hunts’ as we feel  that in many cases, this can be a detriment to the validity of evidence, as well as putting a virtually uninformed person into a potentially dangerous situation which can cast doubt on the investigation as a whole.

All investigators within Phoenix Paranormal have backgrounds from other paranormal groups and have trained as a team for many many years.  Because of the training and trust with our team, we know that wherever our investigations take us, we can rely on each other in any given situation.  Some investigators within Phoenix have various psychic abilities which range from psychometry, (the ability to ‘read’ items and gain information), clairaudience, clairscentience and channelling of spirit.  Others have taken a more scientific approach, through courses such as the BITC (British Investigators Training Course).

Our group have been working together for eighteen years and as such, this has stood us in good stead for thorough investigations and has earned Phoenix recognition by The College of Psychic Studies, The Ghost Club Society based in London and The Society for Psychical Research, as well as having a number of prominent contacts across the world.

Members of the group have experiences in various fields and have given talks to the public as an insight into the interesting world of the paranormal. The group as a whole have received positive feedback from these talks.